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White Mortitx 2019

White Mortitx 2019

White wines White Mortitx 2019

Varieties: Malvasia, Muscat, Chardonnay, Giró ros.

Type: Vino de la tierrra de Mallorca. 

Degrees: 12,5%vol

Residual sugar: <1 g/L     

 Production: 23000

Process: Vines harvested by hand have stayed one night in a room at low temperature. This stage allows to reduce the phenomenon of oxidation all along the squeezing process and to preserve vine’s aroma. The fermentation is slow, under a low controlled temperature, developing then primary aromas. During some weeks, we work with the wine’s marc. At the end, we rack the wine as many times as we need and we prepare it to be bottled.

Characteristics:The wine has a very pale colour, delicious and elegant. It´s bouquet is very intense with notes of exotic fruits like passion fruit, green lemon and white pear. The minerals and the aromas found in mouth accent the sensation of pureness in the wine.

Suggestions: This wine can be appreciated as an aperitif or with fish dishes and shellfishes. Serve cool at about 10º C.


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