Vinyes Mortitx - Our Winery

Our Winery

The Vinyas Mortitx winery was purpose built and completed in 2005, equipped with modern technology to make wine in the best possible conditions to produce top quality products. All the building work to adapt and rehabilitate these installations has been done with criteria of maximum respect for integration in the environment.

The principal material in contact with the wine is stainless steel. Thus we guarantee the necessary hygiene to avoid any unwanted bio-chemical alteration of the wines. Furthermore stainless steel provides the essential characteristic of excellent heat exchange with the outside, allowing careful control of the fermentation temperature. This is a determining fact in the production of fine wines.

Thus, the Mortitx production facilities have a total of thirty vats of different sizes, entirely made of stainless steel and automatically monitored to avoid unforeseen events. Most of these vats are multipurpose, that is to say: they can be used for either the fermentation or storage of wine. Two thermally insulated vats allow us to carry out the low temperature processes of removal of dregs and tartar stabilization with the best energy conservation.

Another factor that makes a big difference is that we have a large cold storage facility to lower the temperature of harvested grapes, before beginning the alcoholic fermentation. This avoids the loss by evaporation of the aromatic substances in the grapes but above all allows a slow and controlled start of the fermentation, which means good levels of yeast population, ensuring a complete fermentation of the original sugars in the grape juice (must).

The oak barrels used for developing the wines are from french.

The production facility also has its own wine bottling room. The other element is the encapsulating/labelling machine that puts on the finishing touches to the bottle ready for marketing.

Among the wines produced on the island, the use of synthetic corks for the young wines is a novelty. These corks, that look just like the old fashioned ones made from tree bark, offer a series of advantages for this type of wine: better air-tight seal (slower aging), greater mechanical strength (does not break off when pulled) absence of bad odours due to damp or poorly conserved cork, absence of cork dust on the surface of the wine, among others.

The wines matured in oak barrels require a high quality natural cork when bottled, to allow the aging process to continue afterwards within the bottle. Natural cork permits an exchange of oxygen from the outside, resulting in improved colour stability and making them good to drink even after some years. All the wines matured in oak barrels, made at our property in Mortitx, are sold in bottles sealed by top quality natural corks, consistent with the exceptional wine they contain.

To sum up, the objective is to generate resources that will satisfy the shareholders’ expectations, not just economic but also to bring about an agricultural reactivation in the Tramuntana mountain range and to satisfy the dream that was capable of bringing together each and every one of the company’s shareholders.