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L'u negre 2017

L'u negre 2017

Red wines L'u negre 2017

Varieties: Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Vino de la Tierra Mallorca

Degrees: 14 %vol.

Residual sugar: <1g/L
Production: 3432 de 0.75L y 150 de 1,5L
Process: To elaborate this wine we have selected the best vines of our vineyard. All the vines have been harvested by hand and fermented separately. Soaking time varies between two or three weeks. When fermentation is finished, it’s aged in the best French oak barrels during 12-16 months. All our barrels are new or have been used for only once.

Characteristics: It has an intense purple colour and its bouquet expresses grilled coffee, marmalade and berries. On palate, it´s intense, long in mouth and soft at the end. We recognize perfumes of fruits and violets.

Suggestions: It’s a powerful wine which will be great served with red meat, games, cheese… It’s a unique wine for special occasions!


L'u negre 2017L'u negre 2017L'u negre 2017L'u negre 2017L'u negre 2017L'u negre 2017

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