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Dolç de Gel 2017

Dolç de Gel 2017

Sweet wines Dolç de Gel 2017

Varieties: Moscatel, Riesling 

Type: Sweet white wine from frozen grapes.

Degrees: 15,5%

Residual Sugar: 104 g/L

Bottles: 1286 of 0.375 L

Process: To produce this sweet wine, grapes are frozen when they achieve their optimal maturation. They are pressed, resulting in a must with over 350 g/L of sugar. The fermentation process is slow and stops spontaneously as it reaches the indicated alcohol level. Thereby the natural balance between residual sugar and alcohol derives from the grape itself. Wine then spends a year in French oak barrels before being bottled.

Characteristics: Warm aroma, notes of spices and crystallized fruits, this wine is a caress and envelops the palate.

Suggestions: This wine can be served with dessert, foie gras, blue cheese or can even be enjoyed as an aperitif. Serve cool at about 10ºC.


Dolç de Gel 2017Dolç de Gel 2017Dolç de Gel 2017

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